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All employees and full management services:

All employees involved in lean manufacturing management:

After all the staff involved TQMb Total Quality Management:

  1. All departments, managers at all levels and full commitment from top to bottom, support, participation, communication and cultural change, to the full import of TQM.

  2. Firm and focus on internal customer four; provide internal customers (including all services on all the colleagues and subordinates) and external customer satisfaction, freedom and time to think about things to do right.

  3. Enhance the work of resources (manpower, time, cost ...) the effective use of time thinking about how to improve work processes and quality.

  4. Continued to improve business and production processes.

  5. Suppliers as partners; focus on supplier quality and cost cycle.

  6. The establishment of process performance assessment; well established, and assess the management and performance targets; proper use of the Balanced Scorecard and Six Sigma. TQM by providing quality products and services to internal and external customers to increase productivity and reduce costs.

  7. Encourage the full marketing: customers first of all my colleagues at the core of our corporate culture, from time to time to assist in marketing and customer service activities, and draw attention to their image of the maintenance organization.

  8. Full Guangwu mission: to maintain full ambition and humility to achieve profitable growth and win the Group's strategy.

  9. Future: Challenges creative, innovative ideas, will all be Guangwu a "glass industry 3M"

Formerly Guangwu glass line, founded in 1996 in Bellagio, mainly in glass deep processing, foundry Taiwan itself early to plant the required major domestic glass furniture glass, bathroom glass, construction glass, art glass mirror , foundry sand sculpture, export OEM side by the "Taiwan companies that will" order-based, such as Sweden, IKEA IKEA glass.

After few years of operation in 2002 and sets out the corporate strategic alliances and the acquisition of 5700 square meters of land to build factories, in 2003, moved into the new plant, and Established Coating-glass Technology Co., Ltd., began construction of glass and decoration glass creation, the original printing, paint department.

Former board departments through continuous innovation, research and development has become an important supply of domestic processing and manufacturing of plate glass of the original, and export Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, China and other places. In recent years, more ever-expanding plant, machinery and equipment and to enhance the E-based enterprise software company ... and so on, to continue to serve the needs of customers, because we are convinced that "the pursuit of sustainable growth and progress only for your service."

1996   Line was established in Changhua Bellagio Chang-Hua glass, and purchase cutting machine imported from  Japan Mimciki computer equipment
1997   Addition of glass processing equipment to improve product quality.
1998   System by adding units that will begin to undertake the Swedish IKEA furniture, glass, export orders.
1999   Addition of water, scrub the original board processing sector, research and development of water frosted machine, as the  maximum size of Asia's first processing machinery and equipment.
2000   To export water, scrub the original board, exported to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, China and other countries.
2001   Additional rainbow paint the original board processing sector, R & D automatic original board paint equipment, equipment for  the whole of Asia the maximum size of the first processing machine.
2002   Purchase of land 5700 square meters of land, and began to build factories.
2003   Move into a new plant, set up 4500 square meters factory in Fangyuan Township, Han Pao Section, and the establishment  of Century Building Materials Co., Ltd. Hao glass.
2004   Additional three-stage automatic glass cutting machine, drill hole machine, milling machine.
2010   Glass Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Chang-Hua glass reinforced within the export processing


Actively develop highvalue-added products and improve production technology processes, in order to strengthen and the industry product differentiation, enhance the company's competitive credit management business steady and dependable, careful planning of enterprise development, to avoid blind expansion of production capacity, enabling the company to face fierce competition, remained steady positive growth marketing channel for product development, with good quality, accurate delivery and reasonable price, the company partner are well-known companies, products, affirmed by the customer management team in pursuit of precision and efficiency of management objectives and many years of production experience, based on the application of ERP computer system integration industry, the management of multiple and complex needs, to shorten delivery time, improve quality and effective cost control.

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