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  • Tempered、Bent Tempered、Heat Strengthened Glass

Tempered Glass

    Principles of Tempered Glass:

After forming in the manufacture of glass, due to handling, impact, scratches, water, gas and other role, will be produced on the surface of many human eye can not see the micro-cracks, so that makes the glass tensile strength decreased more than a hundred times.To solve this drawback, the scientists are the invention of glass, namely the use of rapid heating and then cooling the heat treatment method, making the glass surface of the compressive stress layer, in that the role of compressive stress layer, all the tiny cracks close together receive a high degree of oppression, Unless you exert tremendous power in order to crack open and break.

    The security value of tempered glass:
  1. A substantial increase in strength and rigidity 3 ~ 5 times, not easy to bending deflection.
  2. Hardness and wear resistance are greatly improved, less susceptible to scratches.
  3. Impact of a substantial increase in resistance may be resistant to one kg of Cr steel ball fall in the 1m high and difficult to break.
  4. Temperature difference and thermal shock resistance to about 200 ℃ without rupture.
  5. Event of a rupture, unlike ordinary glass into a large knife-like rupture, but it results in the breakdown of the smaller granules, not to hurt the human body.


Bent Tempered Glass

Curved architectural glass reinforced materials in the future appearance of the new building trend in the global market demand is growing rapidly.In response to the increasing appearance of the building of style and elegance of the curved shape of the demand for larger, Taibo Glassrobots Finnish companies in particular the introduction of a new generation of standards designed curved glass processing system, known as the "Rainbow maker" in the patent production equipment,Using ad hoc adjustments of bend radius control technology can be a special arc shape glass shapes, glass in the processing furnace heated by precise temperature control can be achieved by the correct processing temperature. This method can reduce the glass due to excessive heat generated is not the whole ripple to protect the excellent quality.


The strength of curved glass curved glass 3-5 times normal.

Glass is not hanging around the four holes.

Horizontal bending strengthened, the quality and stability.

Temperature difference and thermal shock resistance to about 200 ℃ without rupture.

Bump sides can reach the same good quality, especially in the case when applied to curved reflective glass, clear visual quality is even more evident.


Can be processed into a Bent Double Tempered double glass.

Wave type, curved glass curtain wall-type buildings. Such as: office buildings, shopping centers and airports, concert halls.

Arc revolving door, landscape lift jacket.

Curved stairs, handrails, skylights, access canopy, swing the stairs.

Arc-shaped fish tank, display cabinets, furniture style.

Arc office partitioning.



Max Size:3000mmX5000mm

Min Size:220mmX430mm

Arc Depth:500mm以下

Bending angle:1 / 4 circle the following


  • Heat Soak TEST

Heat Soak TEST:

Will strengthen the glass in the adventitious presence of nickel sulfide (NiS) impurities, in the holding temperature of the hot-dip strict control of the furnace , Due to nickel sulfide by high-temperature α-NiS is converted to low-temperature state of the β-NiS.Conversion will be accompanied by volume expansion of 2.4%, if its location just in tension layer, will be the first furnace in the hot-dip burst open, in order to; up to reduce the chances of glass blew after installation purposes.


  1. An appropriate time to strengthen the glass heated to 290 ℃, in order to 6-8 hours (T2) Time, maintain the temperature of 290 ℃ ± 1O. C (German DIN18516 standard of 8 hours), longer be the appropriate time down to room temperature.
  2. Hot-dip process, likely to cause so-called "enhanced retirement" phenomenon, especially when the temperature exceeds 300 ℃ above. Therefore, its strength would be seriously weakened, so the whole process, especially the temperature, holding temperature should be an absolute strict control of the temperature changes.


Glass thickness::3mm-25mm
Max Size:442Ommx249Omm
Min Size:Unlimited
Applications:Any tempered glass products can be processed

  • Laminated Glass

Laminate dGlass system using high temperature and pressure, in sandwiched between two pieces of glass into the robust and rich middle of thermoplastic resin films (FVB) and made.


  1. Materials for high security.
  2. Sandwiched between tough and rich due to adhesion of the middle of the film, it is not easy to be under the impact has been through, and the broken glass is not easy, after their dispersion, so than other types of glass with a higher shock resistance, anti-theft nature of explosion-proof sex, anti-elasticity.
  3. High-efficiency energy-saving building materials.
  4. The middle film was to reduce the sunlight in the infra-red (hot) function can save air-conditioning equipment and power to increase the living environment comfortable.
  5. To enhance the aesthetic appearance of the building.
  6. Use colored intermediate film laminated glass, most likely to reconcile the landscape around the building and meet designers needs.
  7. Noise: Middle film FVB very good sound insulation effect.
  8. Isolated from UV: Middle of the FVB film has isolated the effectiveness of ultraviolet radiation, so to prevent an indoor furniture, curtains fade.

  • Insulating Glass

Double-glazing is the middle of two pieces of glass separated by dry air or inert gases such as argon and made.


Particularly good insulation effect, is an ideal energy-saving building materials.

Middle-tier system due to dry air, so there are anti-fog effect.

If the charge into the argon and other inert gases, better insulation effect.

Construction, the train windows, freezers and so on.


Middle Distance:6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 16mm

Max Size:96" x 138" (2438mm x 3500mm)

  • Straight-line bevelling & Abnormity production line & Drill hole production line

Drill hole Processing  
Straight-line Processing  
Abnormity Processing  
Hypotenuse Processing   
  • Ceramic Silkscreen Glazed Glass

Screen Printing Glass is specially designed for ceramic paint stencil, the pattern printed Brush to the glass through the strengthening furnace 630 ℃ heat into the glass surface paints And made of stability does not fade, a variety of patterns change Screen Printing Glass.


Color diversity, patterns more choices: screen printing glass, a variety of colors and patterns can also be customized according to designers need to Patterns, creating a unique space design.

Anti-glare: screen printing glass, due to local printing can reduce glare glass.

Ease Xishai or direct sunlight and the glare: screen printing glass, due to the partial sequence of printing, right Xishai or direct sunlight a moderating role.

Security: screen printing glass, an enhanced processing, increase the intensity of high security.

Durability, wear resistance, moisture resistance: screen printing glass, the glass than the average pigment printing is more durable, abrasion resistance, moisture resistance.

Exterior walls of glass, shops, homes, schools, window glass, interior compartment pattern glass, automotive glass, electrical glass, furniture and craft of glass, indoor non-slippery floors, staircases boards (subject to prior instructions).


  1. General Glazed Glass(Common color)。
  2. Metallic Glazed Glass(Metallic color)。
  3. lridescence Glazed Glass(lridescence color)。
  4. Anti-slippery Glazed Glass(Anti-slippery Floor Glass)。


  1. Max Size:l600mmX3100mm
  2. Min Size:305mmx3O5mm
  3. Dot patterns, mesh, linear, Stone-like and so on can be as diverse design needs, prior to negotiate.


Ceramic Silkscreen Glazed Glass Standard Color Reference


Glass thermal transfer through 600 degrees of heat, by water, soft printing paper, copy its pattern through the heat of the way, the pattern on the transfer paper, a complete copy to the glass top.


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